Some stuff I love.

2016 02 13 stuff wishlist

Finally I found some time to summarize some stuff I love…. here it goes from left to right, from top to bottom:

One of my next stops this year with my honey will be Berlin, I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the capitol of Germany so far,… I’m off to book one of the wonderful rooms at Michelberger Hotel. I think it is a good choice to stay there.


My passion for teapots :P it is no secret. One of my latest Pinterest finds i this rust-brown teapot by Takeshi Omura, unfortunately it is currently out of stock but I will stay tuned to hunt one of them at Analogue Life.

It is such a beautiful design object (with a function)… called Panama by Smaller Objects, one of their latest news. A hat rest made out of wood… nice what?

This art print by Zenia Kirkegaard caught my eye at the first sight, it is part of her collection called Capnella series, it is a combination of handmade art and photography.

Oh that rug… :) I found the perfect rug for our bathroom, it is cheeky, cuddly, perfect for wet, bare feet in the bathroom. And there are some more cool accessories for home, bed and bathroom available at the designers shop Cold Picnic, have a look!

I love this rattan mirror Bali style. This mirror, in three different shapes and sizes with a dark gray wall primer. Very wanted!

May I introduce… “Felicia” by Pia Ulin, first seen at Lotta Agaton´s Instagram feed. This powerful and cool picture hangs on her bedroom wall. I just love it and perhaps I am lucky enough to get an deduction of this picture as well ;)

Ceramic art by Bente Skjottgaard, it is so beautiful, it does not really looks like a piece made out of ceramic, and that makes it so special. His works speak their own language, I it all.

And the last picture attached is a harmony of slippers. I love slippers, maybe because I work and live in one house, I wear slippers very, very often, so I am owner of a wide variety of these shoes. This beautiful collection I found on a home tour of Su Wu, just lovely. And I found some really great news in slippers style at Zara today, and I put them immediately into my shopping basket ;)