Cook´n serving…

... a little selection with essentials, I don't wanna miss!

2016 05 12 Cook´n serving

I really spend a lot of time in my kitchen, I put much value on it to serve very health and clean meals every day for my loved ones. It is very important for me too to be well equipped with nice looking kitchen essentials and beautiful tableware. Here I wanted to show you some pieces on my wishlist and some inspirations which caught my eye.


Knives should always be within reach, and if you have some beautiful, decorative vintage knifes, a knife magnet can be pretty handy and good-looking. I found a nice piece here at Ikea.

Ceramic spoons in different shapes, colors and sizes to serve side dishes and sauces separately are functional and create a really pretty dining scene.

I fell in love with these finely processed, thin wall ceramic pots by Gunilla Maria Akesson. A wonderful selection of her craft is currently featured at Kaolin. Perfect pots to keep some culinary herbs or to serve salads.

Proteins are on our daily diet, why not spooning an egg out of the egg carton, I love this presentation, a nice serving inspiration, I will serve up eggs like this at my next girlie-brunch for sure.

Awwww these pots, designed by Signe Persson Melin. Dear Josefin featured one of them on her blog some weeks ago. I will go for a set, for sure. I am addicted to all kind of herbs and these aluminium pots will be the perfect and long lasting solution to grow greens in my kitchen.

You can never own enough coffee- and tableware, this set by Utsuwa Kenshin is just AMAZING!

And last one is one of the shopping news in my shop. It is a really great looking book hanger called “bookstock“, it´s made out of walnutwood and a piece of wire to fix it on the wall. The perfect piece to have the favorite cooking book or magazine within reach.

So I hope you agree with my favorite picks dear friends :)