2016 02 13 movement

Todays mood board is all about movement. It is February and my bells are ringing to get my butt in summer shape… I am a runner since a lot of years already and I really had problems with my knee joints. I knew I have to keep my body stable in order to avoid wear and so I started the BBG Guide by Kayla Itsines.


First of all before I tell you more, I have to say it is an amazing training guide! It is perfect to do it at home if there is no time left beside job, kids and family to go to the gym.
I would lie if I say that the training is easy. It is a real challenge, but doable for everyone, the intensity of the exercises increases from week to week and if you really stay on the ball, it is quite doable. And the great thing is, you can really feel and see changes on your body after 4-6 weeks! If you really want to get in shape in a realistic time frame with realistic feasibility, please have a look at Kayla´s website here. In the meantime I use her new app, which contains BBG guides, recepies and shopping lists for a clean and health food diary.
I combined my new sportive lifestyle with clean eating, which means no industrial sugar, no wheat, no bad fats, less salt and of course not fast food. Everything fresh and carefully prepared. I drink 2-3 litres of water a day, I eat much protein in every form, really, really loads!! of vegetables and legumes or nuts.
Sometimes it happes that I have a whole head of cauliflower with herbs while I am watching a movie instead of a chocolate bar. And I love it.

I finished my workout week 14 today and you know what? I can see first signs of a six-pack, not that I have trained to have a six-pack. Body definition will come, I promise! I also recommend to have a look at the IG feed of @mysweatlife, which is one of my favorite BBG-girls – she is great with all her instructions, inputs and tipps.

So, go girls (and guys!)…get your sweat on and sweat with Kayla!!! Try it out, it will change your inner feeling and help you to live in a health and fit way.