So edgy…

... a short introduction how to create a mood board for a special theme.

2012 02 28 edy mood

Hey guys,… todays mood is all about edgy or craggy impressions and design. As you already know I really love to post a mood board to a special vibe, color, or theme every now and then. My absolute favorites in collecting pictures is of course Pinterest, Tumblr, other blogs (the app “bloglovin” is just great) and Instagram as well.


If I have some quiet moments I love to sit down, have a nice cup of coffee and browsing through my sources of inspiration. I collect every picture that moves me in any way. It is hard to describe how I choose pictures, it is more a gut feeling. If my collection has a nice update I love to create collages by using Photoshop. But first I always chose a title or a theme for the current mood post. And again it is hard to describe how I place pictures and what exactly I choose. Mostly I take shots from different materials, nice stuff like ceramics, artprints, natur, special shapes, or kind words too. An important thing to me is, the pictures on the collage should have something in common.

For this post I choosed “edgy” I think it is a very popular word in fashion, but it fits also very well for design and interior trends. So I pick all the pictures together and move them back and forth, so that the overall picture makes a nice impression. To give the whole picture a little calmness, I put the images in a uniform grid and so it´s a wrap ;) I wish you good succeed with your mood creations! Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Here are the sources of the pictures in today´s jumble :)… from top to bottom from left to the right…