Trunk vase & stump cup…

...let me tell you a little story about a Parisian street artist.

S.M.Rettensteiner 04

Last September when we strolled through the streets of Paris, the creative quater “Le Marais” I saw a charming young woman with her little vintage suitcase at the roadside. Her little stand has attracted me like a magnet. Her name was Jinjin, a japanese ceramic artist, selling some selected pieces of her beautiful ceramic and porcelain range. Some unique pieces with very special shapes, pure and raw inspired by natural surroundings. We immediately understood very well and shared our contacts. A nice little collaboration was born! Some weeks later I did the first order – some of my favorite pieces out of her range, the “trunk vase” together with two different shaped “stump cups”. A very special ceramic set for everyday uses, for coffee or tee, to use it as a vase or water jug, to plant some nice little cactus or other greens, it is something very unique and beautiful. She used some wood pieces to build a ceramic mold, you can recognize it in consideration of the surface, shape and structure. They came in two colors, black and white and now they are on stock again at HEIMELIG shop, just a small limited edition, these reasons are what makes it so special to me.



Further I wanted to show these pieces in a very special and creative way. I talked to my dear friend Josefin Hååg, she did the styling of these wonderful pictures and her friend Emily Laye was the was the professional behind the lens. Thank you dear girls for this successful project.

All in all I think it has become a very nice story and I am absolutely pleased if you like it as well.

So,… enjoy the pictures and happy shopping dear friends! Here is the link to my shop!

S.M.Rettensteiner 01

S.M.Rettensteiner 02

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